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HOW do we achieve our mission? 


Chinese adoptees, adoptive parents, and families formed through adoption from China

  • Support ongoing events and projects which enable Chinese adoptees, as well as adoptive parents and families, to share experiences and perspectives and engage in productive and supportive dialogues. 
  • Represent and strengthen Chinese adoptees’ relationships with the wider adoption community.
  • Facilitate adoptee-only discussions on relevant topics, such as relationships, race, and mental health.
  • Share resources and experiences on race, adoptee identity, and more.
  • Offer mentorship by older adoptees to younger adoptees to help support healthy identity development. 
  • Organize social events to build community among adoptees. 
  • Provide social media platforms for dialogue on adoption issues. 
  • Provide adoptees and adoptive parents with mental health and other supportive resources.


adoptees to explore their unique identities, race, and Chinese heritage;

families to understand and support them

  • Enable adoptees to navigate the evolving intersection of their Chinese, American, adoptee, and other personal identities.

  • Help adoptive parents and supporters to understand the unique identity of Chinese adoptees.

  • Offer adoptees opportunities to learn more about Chinese culture, food, language and history. 

  • Help adoptees and adoptive families to learn about and connect with Chinese American communities. 

  • Facilitate adoptees’ engagement with broader dialogues about race, heritage, identity, etc. 


about adoptee experiences, adoption issues, and parenting adoptees 

  • Provide lessons, workshops and experiences with Chinese culture, food, dance, language and history.

  • Educate about adoption issues and experiences through discussions of films, books, and online presentations. 

  • Bring the wisdom of adoptee voices to bear on adoption education through adoptee panels.

  • Facilitate discussions between adoptees and adoptive parents to promote empathy and understanding. 

  • Bring professional speakers to help educate on adoption-related issues, such as roots tracing and DNA tests, the adoption experience and identity issues, Asian American and Chinese history.

  • Support and share adoption research, including studies of transracial adoption practices and outcomes, identity development, health and well-being and more.


for adoptees and adoption communities

  • Raise awareness about adoptee issues that call for support and action, such as citizenship.

  • Connect with broader adoption communities and organizations to work together on adoption-related policies. 

  • Raise awareness about and advocate for particular issues of concern among Chinese adoptees, such as racial discrimination.

Chinese Adoptee Alliance
We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supporting Chinese adoptees and allies.
"C double A", formerly FCCNY.

PO Box 21670
2300 18th St NW Lobby
Washington, DC 20009

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