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Open Call For Chinese Adoptee Alliance New Logo Submission

  • 10/03/2022
  • 11/03/2022
  • Online

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On June 30, 2022, eight adoptive parent board members rotated off Chinese Adoptee Alliance (formerly Families with Children from China Greater New York)’s Board of Directors to make way for Chinese adoptee board members and allow for the board to be managed primarily by Chinese adoptees. 

The transformation of our organization will be an ongoing process that includes a need for an updated logo to reflect our organization’s new name. We’d like to extend an open call for individuals to develop a new logo that encompasses our organization and its goals. 

About CAA:  From the 1990s until now, the nonprofit organization Chinese Adoptee Alliance was formerly known as Families with Children from China Greater New York. Founded by a parent support group in Manhattan, the group expanded to a nation-wide network, with members including are adoptive parents, Chinese adoptees and their relatives, and friends of the organization. Starting fall 2022, FCCNY will be transitioning to Chinese Adoptee Alliance (CAA). An ongoing process, CAA will be an adoptee-centered nonprofit organization that serves the greater Chinese adoptee community and the global community of adoptees. We strongly believe the name change embodies our core mission to connect, support, empower, educate, and empower. 


The updated logo should represent Chinese Adoptees and their allies. The logo should encompass our mission statement located on our website: 

  • CONNECT & SUPPORT Chinese adoptees, adoptive parents, and families formed through adoption from China

  • EMPOWER adoptees to explore their unique identities, race, and Chinese heritage; families to understand and support them

  • EDUCATE about adoptee experiences, adoption issues, and parenting adoptees

  • ADVOCATE for adoptees and adoption communities

Design criteria

  • Designs are expected to be clear and readable.

  • Designs must be able to be adapted to various formats, media, and sizes.


  1. Designs should be predominantly red and/or black.
  2. Accepted submission file types: jpeg/png/ai, and ideally SVG.
  3. Designs should be 300dpi and have a maximum file size of 100MB.
  4. Designers should include a statement of no more than 100 words explaining how the submitted design interprets Chinese Adoptee Alliance
  5. Designers must submit a statement certifying that the design is original
  6. Applicants may include up to 3 variations of their logo design (optional)
  7. Applicants should include a supporting document for their design including: Typography used and hex codes for colors used


The evaluation will be completed by the Chinese Adoptee Alliance Board. The board will select the winning work based on the clarity and power of the message, overall artistic merit, communication ability, and ease of use and reproduction. Chinese Adoptee Alliance may ask the winner to adjust their winning design prior to dissemination.

Original Work

All elements of the logo design must be original work. The candidate affirms that they are the sole author of the submitted work and that they have full and exclusive rights to grant Chinese Adoptee Alliance the authorization to use the work.


At the time of submission, the author grants Chinese Adoptee Alliance unlimited worldwide rights to use, alter, and reproduce the contributed material, which will become the exclusive property of Chinese Adoptee Alliance. Chinese Adoptee Alliance reserves the right to alter and/or use the submitted logo design as a template to meet the standards we are looking for.


The author is exempt from any compensation or royalties. As a token of appreciation for donating time, effort, and skill, to our all volunteer nonprofit for Chinese adoptees, we will gift $100 to the winner in the form of an e-Amazon gift card.

Deadline: November 3, 2022

You must be logged in to a google account to upload and submit designs.

Submit Artwork Here

Chinese Adoptee Alliance
We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supporting Chinese adoptees and allies.
"C double A", formerly FCCNY.

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