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Also-known-as Telling Our Stories: Adoptee Podcaster Panel

  • 10/13/2020
  • 6:00 PM
  • zoom

Telling Our Stories: Adoptee Podcaster Panel

Pre-registration required:

Podcasts are the best way today to directly hear from a multitude of adoptee voices and opinions. Join us for a discussion with the hosts of three groundbreaking adoptee-led podcasts, as they talk about what drives them to spend hours each week on these labors of love. Why did they start and how has their show evolved? What were the most memorable moments? What have they learned about themselves?

This event will be a "fishbowl"-style discussion in order to allow it to be open to the public while remaining adoptee-focused. We invite and welcome adoptees, parents, friends, and all interested parties to view, while only questions from adoptees will be taken during the Q&A.

Who: Open to everyone
WhenTuesday, Oct 13, 6 pm - 7:30 pm ET
RSVP: You will be emailed access details upon registration.  Questions?  contact Bianca,

Kaomi Goetz is a Korean adoptee and an on-air TV journalist with Twin Cities PBS. She is the host of Adapted Podcast, which explores the experiences of Korean adoptees, from post-reunion stories to living in Korea as adults and on the topics of identity and belonging.

Aimee was adopted from Tongling, Anhui, China, and now works in New Haven as a Site Director for a non-profit literacy resource center. Maia was adopted from Hefei, Anhui, China, and currently attends the University of Toronto. Together with Alia, they co-host Somewhere Between, which strives to create a platform dedicated to sharing the stories and experiences of Asian adoptees all over the world.

Damon L. Davis is the host and producer of the "Who Am I Really?" podcast, where adoptees tell their own stories of adoption and share their experiences attempting reunion with their birth families. He has interviewed over 130 adoptees from diverse adoption experiences: homogenous families, inter-racial adoptions, intracountry adoptions, mixed faith families, adoptees of mixed race/ethnicity, and many more.

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