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FCCNY goes to One Child Nation

  • 08/10/2019
  • 8:10 PM
  • Film Forum: 209 W Houston St, New York, NY 10014


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from FCCNY Board: For those of you who are interested in seeing this film, please be aware that this film portrays the One Child Policy in all of its brutality - it's very graphic. This is NOT a feel good adoption film. It was made to inform Chinese millennials about the reality of the impact of the policy. It portrays adult themes and is intended for a mature audience.

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One Child Nation

FCCNY has received 20 FREE tickets for watching the film in theaters on Saturday August 10th during opening weekend at the Film Forum in Greenwich Village.

The screening will start at 8:10pm and includes a Q&A with Directors Nanfu Wang & Jialing Zhang.

Members Log In to RSVP and claim your ticket for Saturday's screening.

Please note that the film is rated R and approximately 85 minutes long.

Other screenings in NY areas:


New York City, Film Forum starting 8/9

Brooklyn, Cobble Hill 5 starting 8/22/2019 

Brooklyn, BAM Rose Cinemas starting 8/22/2019 

Manhasset, Manhasset Cinemas 3 starting 8/22/2019

Millerton,  Moviehouse starting 8/22/2019 

Pleasantville, Jacob Burns Film Center  starting  8/22/2019

Roslyn Heights, Roslyn Cinemas Camelview at Fashion Square starting 8/22/2019 

White Plains, Cinema 100 Quad starting 8/22/2019 


Montclair, NJ Clairidge Cinemas 6 Montclair, starting 8/22/2019

A chilling look at the untold story of China’s One Child Policy. #OneChildNation arrives in select theaters August 9, 2019.  
One Child Nation at an AMC Theatre near you.

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 Amazon picked up this documentary, which won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance 2019

'One Child Nation': Film Review | Sundance 2019

 1/26/2019 by David Rooney


Courtesy of Sundance Film Festival

A startling account of collective trauma.

Documentary makers Nanfu Wang and Jialing Zhang peel back the propaganda legitimizing China's now dissolved population-control policy to expose a history of human rights violations.

Many of us have only superficial knowledge of China's one child policy, in force for 35 years from 1979 through 2015. The awareness of outsiders generally centers on the favored status of the male heir for most Chinese families, yielding a generation of "little emperors" and a wave of unwanted baby girls given up for adoption, many of them landing in America. Filmmaker Nanfu Wang admits she knew only marginally more. She grew up under the policy, saying it was so ingrained into the fabric of everyday life that she gave it little thought until she became pregnant with her first child two years ago, after emigrating to the U.S.

That awakening prompted Wang (Hooligan Sparrow) to return to China to explore the direct effects of the "population war" on her family, widening her survey to include acquaintances from her rural village, midwives, family planning officials, journalists and artists, people on both sides of the government's iron-fisted enforcement measures.

The resulting film, One Child Nation  — co-directed with Jialing Zhang, another female filmmaker born in China in the 1980s — is a shattering investigation of the policy's sinister ripple-effect consequences and its countless tragic victims. Densely informative yet always grounded in deep personal investment and clear-eyed compassion, this is a powerful indictment of a traumatic social experiment, made all the more startling by the success of the propaganda machine in making people continue to believe it was necessary.

Plastered across billboards, murals and commercial art, or woven thematically into school textbooks, songs for children's choirs, operas and other folk-culture performances, the government propaganda hard-selling the idea of the happy single-child family now seems quaintly kitschy. But behind those benignly idealized depictions is a brutal reality of abandoned children, enforced sterilization and abortions sometimes as late as the eighth or ninth month of pregnancy, fetuses discarded like trash, human trafficking, state-sanctioned abductions, neighbors functioning as spies to report unregistered children and orphanages fabricating whitewashed backstories to unsuspecting adoptive parents.

The core of the film is Wang's moving interviews with her own family. Her given name, Nanfu, combines the Mandarin words for "man" and "pillar," illustrating her parents' wish for a son who would grow up to be a pillar of the family. Village officials ordered her mother's sterilization after Nanfu's birth, but her grandfather resisted and managed to prevent it. Given that control was somewhat less rigid in their remote rural area, the family was able to obtain local government approval to have a second child with the stipulation of a five-year gap. Nanfu's younger brother was chosen to continue schooling, while she was put to work at 16.


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