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#StarringJohnCho: The Call for an Asian American Lead opening at Pearl River Mart Gallery in NYC

  • 18 May 2019
  • Pearl River Mart Gallery, 395 Broadway, NY, NY

Dear Families with Children from China,

I hope this email finds you all well! I am writing to you on behalf of Pearl River Mart Gallery, an extension of the Asian emporium Pearl River Mart, and our upcoming exhibition in celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, "#StarringJohnCho: The Call for an Asian American Lead." We would love for the FCC NY community to know about this event with hopes that it may offer your family a meaningful experience. 

Our artist-in-residence, William Yu, created the viral hashtag #StarringJohnCho in 2016 to address the lack of Asian American representation in Hollywood and to bring to life the idea of an Asian American leading actor. Now the hashtag is brought to life in a multimedia installation. Reminiscent of a movie theater lobby, the installation invites viewers to the imagined world of John Cho as a lead actor, and makes tangible the possibilities for a new kind of movie going experience for Asian Americans. Our show invites viewers to see in person what movies like The Avengers, Jurassic World, and (500) Days of Summer would look like with an Asian American star.         

If this may be of interest for any of your community members, here is our facebook invitation . Below is our digital invitation. For further interest, here is our interview with William. 


About Pearl River Mart Gallery:
Established in 2016, Pearl River Mart Gallery opened with the re-launch of Pearl River Mart after its closing due to a five fold rent increase. As the only gallery in Lower Manhattan dedicated to showing works that speak to the Asian American experience, PRM Gallery is located at the intersections of art, community, and organizing, creating essential career opportunities to under-recognized and emerging artists in Chinatown and New York City at-large. Founded as a “friendship store” in 1971, Pearl River Mart is a family owned, second generation retail brand located in New York City’s Tribeca district, the popular Chelsea Market, and the Museum of Chinese in America.

Tiffany Liu, tiffany@pearlriver.com

FCC Greater New York
We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supporting Chinese adoptees and their families and friends.

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