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FCCNY March Young Adult Monthly Discussion

  • 03/30/2019
  • 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • Manhattan midtown east


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FCCNY Monthly YA Discussion

Rachel and Hannah will be facilitating a monthly discussion group
for Young Adult Chinese adoptees!

Their seventh meeting will be held Saturday March 30th,
12pm-2pm, in Manhattan midtown east.
Exact location will be provided upon registration here with your YA account.

This month's discussion topic is "Birth Parents & Birth Siblings." 

Discussion starter questions:

- How often did you think about your birth parents/siblings 
growing up?

- Do you have any memories of them?
- What situations or interactions made you think about birth parents/siblings?
- What were your feelings at that time?
- How often do you currently think about your birth parents/siblings?
- What are your current feelings toward your birth parents?
- Have your thoughts or feelings about your birth parents/siblings changed over time? If so, how?
- What feelings do you experience when you hear about adoptees who have searched for their birth parents/siblings and have found them?
- Have you had a desire (past or present) to search for your birth parents/siblings?
- Do you want to be closer to them or feel connected to them?
- Have you felt like there is an expectation (from specific individuals in your lives or larger society) that you should think about your birth parents? Or should have certain feelings towards them?
- Do you feel it is important for you to be connected to your adoption story? 
- Why or why not?
- Do you feel it is valuable for you to be connected to your birth culture? 
- Why or why not?
- By exploring and processing your adoption and birth culture, do you feel closer to your birth parents? If so, in what ways?
- If you could tell your birth parents something, what would you say?
- Have you experienced any of the following feelings?
1) Indifference or neutrality, 2) Happiness, 3) Anger, 4) Resentment, 5) Curiosity, 6) Excitement, 7) Sadness, 8) Shame, 9) Empathy or Sympathy
- Other emotions you have experienced that are not included on this list?


We would like to facilitate discussion about topics such as racial identity development, racism and discrimination, and feelings about being adopted. The goal is for us to share and explore similarities and differences in our experiences in a supportive setting and talk about experiences and feelings that non-Chinese adoptees can’t necessarily relate to.

** This forum is only open to Chinese Adoptees ages 18 and older. We will be speaking from personal experiences and this event is inclusive of all genders and orientations. Please respect that all personal information that is discussed is to be kept private and not to be shared outside of the forum. This forum is not being moderated by a therapist or an expert; this is not meant to replace professional help. Advice-giving is discouraged. **

Questions or comments:

Chinese Adoptee Alliance
We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supporting Chinese adoptees and allies.
"C double A", formerly FCCNY.

PO Box 21670
2300 18th St NW Lobby
Washington, DC 20009 

Questions, Comments, Concerns?
Reach out to us and send us an email!

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