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ALP webinar-Birth Family Search: How Crazy is This Going to Get?

  • 07/20/2017


Birth Family Search: How Crazy is This Going to Get?

Birth Family, First Family, Original Family.


All terms commonly used for the people who are connected to our children through blood relation. And though we may imagine that our tweens and teens may want to search “someday” for these connections, the truth is that every adoptive family today should be proactively making choices about searching NOW.


Open records, DNA testing, family tree websites, social media, Google, orphanage searches by other families, even a birth relative doing a reverse search to find information on your child; all can lead quite quickly to an unscheduled and unprepared for, reunion.


The question is no longer IF your child will one day (sooner rather than later) be able to locate a birth relative, but when. For most domestic adoptees, it is now just a matter of time. For international adoptees, the search is becoming easier and easier.


This webinar will share the realities of birth family search today and provide tips and tools to make informed choices... 


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About Martha Osborne:

Martha Osborne is the founder and Executive Director of the RainbowKids Adoption & Child Welfare website.  Over several decades of advocacy for vulnerable children and orphans, her focus on finding real-world solutions to the growing issue of children living out their childhoods in group homes, foster-care, and orphanages has led to Child Advocacy Model implementation and the collaboration of local, state, and global organizations.


This work has brought together national and international advocacy groups who share the belief that children need to grow up in families. Recognizing that there are no one-size-fits all solutions for children living outside of family care, this network uses various methods to bring hope to children, including strengthening the original (birth) family, providing sponsorships for education and medical needs, advocating for adoption, training care-takers, and educating families.


Martha is an adoptee, and mother to five children who entered her family through adoption at various ages and from difficult beginnings.  With time, love, dedication, therapies, prayer, and a few bumps and struggles along the way, those five children have grown into vibrant young people and adults.


 Contact Martha via Email.


Honors and Awards: Congressional Angels in Adoption Award, the North American Council on Adoptable Children Friend of Adoption Award (NACAC), Joint Council on International Children’s Service’s Maureen Evan’s Outstanding Service Award, and most recently, the 2014 Gladney Center Friend of Adoption Award

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