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  • 08/25/2016
  • webinar


As part of its Strengthening Your Family Monthly Webinar Series, the Center for Adoption Support and Education (C.A.S.E.) is hosting a webinar, Modern Adoption: Understanding the impact of social media on adoption today, with Robert Clifford on Thursday, 8/25 at 1pm.

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cost $25.  Thanks to Jockey Being Family the first 300 registrants receive FREE registration using coupon code SOCIAL at checkout.


In 1996, at the age of nine, Robert Clifford was adopted from foster care along with his six year old sister in England. Desiring an exciting education and career, he earned a B.A. in English Literature and an MSc in International Development. Mr. Clifford has lived and worked across four continents for an NGO providing grants to education and health partners in Ethiopia, becoming the organization’s CEO in 2013. He is currently the Project Manager for a Health and Social Care Consultancy, overseeing a portfolio of programs in Asia and East Africa.

Mr. Clifford values his past experiences with foster care and adoption. He states that having developed a set of skills and connecting with a strong network, 2015 seemed the year to apply for an opportunity to engage with adoption in a practical, professional way for the first time. He was awarded a Winston Churchhill Memorial Trust fellowship.

Robert Clifford’s scoping study took him to New Zealand, Australia and the USA to learn how researchers, practitioners, adopted people and adoptive families feel about technology, how it’s being used, not being used and what opportunities we have to make sure innovation becomes a positive part of our adoption experiences. This webinar will explore the growing importance and influence of technologies on adoption for all involved. We invite you to join Mr. Clifford for what promises to be an interesting, informative and important discussion of the impact of social media and technology on the adoption community.


LIVE event: Thursday, August 25th 1PM EST

Extended Access Available August 26th – September 24th

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