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Screening of YOU FOLLOW: a search for one’s past in NYC

  • 14 Jul 2015
  • The Modern Family Center, 410 East 92nd Street, New York, NY 10128


YOU FOLLOW: a search for one’s past

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015, 6:30-8:30 pm


The Modern Family Center

410 East 92nd Street, New York, NY 10128

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Questions?  Contact Dana, 212-360-0213, DStallard@Spence-Chapin.org



In 2009, Nisha Grayson packed her bags with four of her closest friends and set out on a journey from the home she had known for 28 years in Sacramento, CA, off to her birthplace in Goa India – it was a quest for answers, family, and true identity. YOU FOLLOW chronicles the experiences of an adoptee with a mind full of questions and heart full of determination. When steps in the right direction lead to forks in the road, when loyalty and commitment come from unlikely strangers – Nisha faces an emotional series of unexpected challenges and tests of her character.

The underlying questions create a heartfelt saga that brings Nisha and friends back and forth from India to the United States just to find out: Who is Nisha’s birth mother, and will she ever meet her? With her perils come pain; with her progress comes hope. 28 years after her adoption, this 39-month journey leads Nisha to a deep introspective through her inspiring commitment to pursuing truth, and the adventure that comes along with it. In its essence, YOU FOLLOW is a compelling story about resilience, family, and identity.


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