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How to Take Action against Anti-Asian Racism at Work and in Your Personal Life

by Jennifer Liu,  CNBC

Steps for checking in with Asian colleagues and supporting anti-racism causes.


AAPI Women Lead

Promotes AAPI Women’s identity and leadership.

"Anti-Asian Violence Is Surging — Here's How To Support the AAPI Community"


Links to information on anti-Asian history and list of organizations providing support to the AAPI community

and educational resources.

Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association (APAPA)

Promotes leadership and civic engagement among Asian American youth and adults. Offers internships and


Donate here.


Asian Americans Advancing Justice (AAJC)

National affiliation of five AA organizations advocating and protecting the civil rights of

Asian Americans. Based in Washington D.C.

Asian American Federation
Leadership organization, in partnership with 70 other APA organizations; advocating for interests

of Asian New Yorkers, conducting research and providing direct services to underserved Asian

American communities. 

Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF)

Helps protect and promote civil rights for Asian Americans.

Asian Mental Health Collective

Supports mental health in Asian communities.

Hate is a Virus, Community Action Fund

Promotes awareness, education, activism to combat racism.

National Asian Pacific Women’s Forum

Works to support AAIP women’s health, justice, rights.

Stop AAPI Hate

Help AAPI track and respond to racism and xenophobia.

The Yellow Whistle

A campaign to distribute 100,000 yellow whistles throughout Asian American Heritage Month. The whistles are both a symbol of solidarity (against anti-Asian discrimination and violence) and a mode of self-protection (to call for help). Find ways to support this campaign and participate at this site.


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