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“A Conversation with American Vietnamese Author Viet Thanh Nguyen about Violence against Asian-Americans”

Amna Nawaz Interview with Viet Thanh Nguyen on the rise of AAPI hate incident. PBS Newshour, Instagram.

"Are You American Enough? Reflections on Being an Asian in America"

By Vishaka Deshai, Asia Blog, Asia Society

"Contextualizing Anti-Asian Violence in Atlanta"

By Su Choe, Yes! Solutions Journalism

"How Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya Use Art to Battle Anti-Asian Hate"

By Alex Temblador, Shondaland

"I’m Asian American. The pandemic showed me why black people feel so unsafe."
By Regina Kim, Washington Post

A Korean American living in Queens provides insight into Asians’ difficult place in the racial hierarchy of America

and the importance of advocating for racial justice.

"'I Will Not Stand Silent.' 10 Asian Americans Reflect on Racism During the Pandemic and the Need for Equality"

By Anna Puma Kambhampaty/Photographs by Haruka Sakaguchi, Time

"'I Still Believe in Our City':  A Public Art Series Takes on Racism"

By Lauren Messman, New York Times

“The Shootings Are Not Surprising — If You’ve Been Paying Attention, Asian American Women Say”

By Caroline Kitchener, The Lily

“What It’s Like When Racism Comes for You”

By Elaine Godfrey, The Atlantic

Commentary about the anti-Asian harassment of a biracial woman in Chicago.

“Why It's Taken Us So Long to Talk About Anti-Asian Racism”

Cathy Park Hong (Podcast here on Sway)

Asian writer and poet Cathy Park Hong talks about Asian outrage and power versus assimilation.

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