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FCCNY Adoptee Board 2020/2021

The mission of the FCCNY Adoptee Board is to advocate for Chinese adoptees. Guided by our own experiences, we aim to explore the evolving intersection of our Chinese, American, adoptee, and other personal identities. Through this lens we will bring representation to, and strengthen our relationship with, the wider adoption community. By providing ongoing events and projects we will enable Chinese adoptees to share perspectives and engage in a productive environment.

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Applications for our 4th year are now CLOSED and will reopen next fall in 2021.
If you are interested in learning more, please take a look at our application below,
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We have two main types of committees you can join, described below,
however you can also apply with your own idea for a position.

Online Multimedia Committee (any location!)

What it has been:

In the past, the Online/Social Media committee has focused on curating content relating to adoptee advocacy, Asian and Chinese heritage topics. This content has then been published on our various social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The committee has and will continue to support the efforts of other Adoptee Board committees by assisting in the advertising their events or projects.

What we’d like it to be:

We would like to see team players that are enthusiastic and passionate about creating social media content and looking to establish consistent collaboration and rapport within the committee. This year we will emphasize the consistent use of Slack as the primary form of communication and Trello as the organizational tool. We also plan to have rotating teams within the committee to work on content with varying timelines. Content will be expressed in the form of long-term (i.e. social media campaigns, docu-series, blogs, podcasts, etc.) or short-term projects (i.e. sharing relevant articles, event advertisements, holiday posts, etc.). Communications and Marketing experiences are a plus.


Collaborating with committee members to create social media content for our various media platforms. The content curated will be centered around adoptees, Asian Americans, Chinese-related topics, and any other topics relating to FCCNY’s mission statement.


Monthly meetings (unless changed by committee chairs) to touch base with committee members. Additionally, preparation of content ideas is required prior to meetings in order to ensure maximum productivity. Overall, estimate average 1-2 hours a week.

- Juliana & Lucy

Events Committees (NY / DC / or other area!)

What it has been:

This past year, we hosted some entertaining and meaningful events, on a monthly basis. We started our year off with location specific focused events, but quickly transitioned our dedication of connecting the community in-person, to online.

Our events teams are proud to have produced substantial events throughout quarantine which brought both the adoptee board, and especially our adoptee community together during difficult and isolating times.

We have collaborated with other adoptee organizations as well as with adoptive parents to serve our entire community.

What we’d like it to be:

We found strength through collaboration, both internally and externally, and want to expanded in a more organized way, so that events can be on the agenda more in advance. Overall, our strategies for creating and hosting events have been effective, but could be improved by streamlining processes and keeping up to date with organizational tools. We would like to see committee members take more initiative in hosting their own events, and continuing to come up with unique event ideas.


Communicating and working with other members to plan, host, and attend events. Create advertisements and be responsible for pushing out advertisements about said events. Reviewing and updating Slack consistently.


Monthly meeting check-ins (committee will determine whether through phone, video, or in-person). An average of one hour a week to create events (this time could possibly increase as certain event dates approach).

- Rhianna (NYC) & Lucy (DC) & Lisa (other areas)

Deadline October 12th, 2020.

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FCC Greater New York
We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supporting Chinese adoptees and their families and friends.

PO Box 237065
Ansonia Station
New York, NY 10023 


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