As the founding nonprofit organization of FCC chapters across the nation and worldwide, FCCNY was established in 1993 as Families with Children from China Inc. You can support our community and mission by shopping through Amazon Smile and setting your charity to Families with Children from China Inc. Click below and FCCNY will receive 0.5% of the price of most of your purchases through Amazon Smile. To always shop through Smile you can install a plugin to your browser like on google chrome.


*CONNECT families formed through adoption from China

*CELEBRATE our children’s Chinese heritage and identity

*EDUCATE adoptive families about adoption and parenthood, China, and Chinese culture

*ADVOCATE for our children and adoption communities

Our members include adoptive parents, adoptees and their siblings and other relatives, as well as friends and professionals with connections to adoption. Your donations go toward funding programs and sponsoring resources that support our community. We also provide funds through our FCC Charitable Assistance Program to help provide foster care, education fees, and other support to children who remain in Chinese orphanages.

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