FCC Day 2016 at OCA National Convention was a wonderful success!

Top Right from left to right: Asian Americans in History with Emily Mock of MoCA, making lanterns out of hong bao, Dr. Baden speaking to parents,
College Panelists speaking to parents and HS students, Kung Fu session and lion dancing with Sifu Henry Lee.

Thank you to all who came out and participated! And a big Thank You to an excellent team of volunteers who made this event possible!
More photos at fccny.org/photos. Thank You Dan Lewis for these, and your dedication to making this event such a success!

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FCC Day Success! Thank You!

On behalf of the Board of FCC of Greater New York, the co-presidents would like to thank the organizers and volunteers who made July 23rd's FCC Day at the Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA) National Convention in Jersey City a day to remember. Approximately 90 FCCNY parents, kids, tweens, teens and college students attended the day’s events within the much larger gathering of OCA members who came together from across the country. It was a great success!

FCC parents, teens and tweens learned from Dr. Amanda Baden about race and identity, and ways to cope with “micro-aggressions” (or subtly racist or discriminatory things people do or say toward members of a transracial adoptive family. The day-ending session featured a lively panel of FCC college students who thoughtfully, articulately and generously shared their experience of what it’s like to be Chinese, Asian American and transracially adopted on a contemporary American college campus. Finally, those who walked through the OCA sponsored Asian Health Fair learned about health issues of specific concern to people of Asian descent.

There were also separate sessions for younger children that were both tremendously fun and enormously informative, these included:  learning about famous Asian Americans in American history from Emily Mock of the Museum of Chinese in America, lessons and demonstrations from master craftspeople and artists in Chinese paper-cutting, lantern-making, Kung Fu, lion dancing and more! Thanks to Man Li Kuo, who has been so supportive over the years of Chinese culture education for FCC kids and who brought her deep knowledge and her infectious spirit to FCC kids on Saturday.

This great event was made possible only by the leadership, support, participation and hard work of a large team of OCA and FCC members.

 First and foremost, we wish to thank and acknowledge Virginia Ng, OCA-NJ President and long-term supporter of FCC, whose vision it was to include a separate track of sessions dedicated to FCC concerns at this year’s OCA National Convention. We are deeply appreciative of Virginia’s leadership, commitment, kindness and generosity.

From FCC, we gratefully acknowledge Maureen Farrell—President of FCC of Northern NJ, Board Member of FCC of Greater NY and Board Member of OCA-NJ. Maureen worked tirelessly to advocate this event to the FCCNY board and she, along with her amazing team, put in countless hours to develop the agenda, recruit the speakers and craftspeople, promote the day’s events and on-site manage all the moving parts. Team members included Beth Laxer-Limmer, Mary Brown, Lisa Gibson, Joanne Hoppe, Kathy Urbina and Dan Lewis.

Beth was helped plan the event from the beginning and coordinated the young people’s events with Man-Li Kuo Lin and with the Museum of Chinese in America. Mary Brown coordinated and implemented the crafts program—lanterns, paper-cutting and more. Lisa was instrumental in creating the marketing materials, and was responsible for on-line coordination. She also worked very hard on coordinating the college panel. JoAnn was involved with planning and execution. Kath Urbina is our long time, number 1 events promoter. Key organizers Maureen Farrell and Dan Lewis, as well as the Board of FCCNY are most grateful for the work of these wonderful volunteers!!  

We also want to thank the following FCC teens and college students for their contribution in making FCC Day a great success: Maria Connolly, AJ Tiedeman, LJ Tiedeman, and Cydney Blitzer who served as babysitters/mentors during all of the kids-only sessions. And, thanks to our college panelists: Rihanna Hopkins, Ava Busto Schiff, Isabelle St. Clair, Lia Huben, Lienne Harrington, Hanna Chipman – for sharing so openly and insightfully about their college experience and to Melanie Lewis for being such a great panel moderator. Thanks to all for your contributions!

Finally, special thanks to Dan Lewis. In addition to being a part of the FCC team that worked so hard to organize the whole event, Dan is a current OCA-Westchester board member. He has been a long-time advocate and supporter of closer ties between FCC and OCA; Dan’s efforts and enthusiasm are greatly appreciated and were instrumental in making this day happen.

Thank you all for making this such a great event!

Gary Matles and Mary Child

Co-Presidents of the Board of FCC of Greater New York 

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